suejean168: Oh fuck Oh fuck I fucked up I'm sorry I spelled the word 'tubeualr' the wrong way @-@, sorry for the confusion!! (I guess I'm not as rad as I may have though)

You don’t have to apologize…!
Thanks to you, I was able to learn a new words.

I’ll do my best to get more English, please continue to support me( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

oh, I get it!

Thanks a lot!ヽ(・∀・)ノ

suejean168: I'm so glad I finally found your blog!! Your art is totally tubeulare B)!!

Thanks to message! pretty glad!!

but I’m sorry, I’m unreadable only one word…what is the  ” tubeulare”?

I must study the word more…(´・ω・`)